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Tour 4. Biking Tour of Abolitionist and Uptopian Communities in the Florence Village 

Led by: Steve Strimer, Director of the David Ruggles Center for Early Florence HIstory and Underground RR Studies

Abolitionist and Utopian communities in Florence. Join us on a this 5 mile bike ride a we explore some of the significant historical sites of Florence's mid 1800s Abolitionist and Utopian Communities. Stories of Sojourner Truth, the Underground Railroad, the early silk mill industries and Water Cures will highlight this tour. 

Steve Strimer serves on the Boards of the David Ruggles Center and Historic Northampton while also working full-time at the worker-owned, Collective Copies and assisting local authors through Levellers Press. During his free time, Steve has developed and led tours of the African American Heritage Trail in Florence that highlights the life of Sojourner Truth and the years she spent in Florence. 

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